Cost Of Family Photographers Packages

Cost Of Family Photography

What is the Average Cost of Family Photographers? is a questions we get asked a lot. Your family photos are an investment that will last a lifetime. Of course, you’re still wondering what the cost of family photographers is. Hiring a professional family photographer who understands how to preserve those sweet moments is crucial to your experience. Above all, you deserve to celebrate the accomplishments of life. You deserve to look back at the hard work you put into creating that family story. So, let’s talk about how we can offer you that experience. Our most popular Family Photography Packages are listed here, but we do have other options for you. New to 2021 is our Family Homestead Package where we’ll bring a mobile portrait studio right to your home!

Our Cost of Family Photographers 

Every Family Photography Package Includes:

  • Consultation
  • Day-of Photography Schedule
  • Online Gallery of Images
  • In Gallery Online Storefront
  • Social Share Image Download
Cost of Family Photographers
Cost of Family Photographers

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Cost of Family Photographers
Cost of Family Photographers
Cost of Family Photographers


Frequently asked

How do I book my session?

You can contact us through our website or call us at 814-520-5141. Our Scheduling Coordinator will collect some info from you and help you decide which session is best for you. At this time you’ll also be able to pick your date & time. For your convenience everything we do is available online. We’ll send you an interactive online service agreement you can sign from the comfort of your home. You’ll even be able to pay for your session through our online system. Once your booked we’ll send you a link to a planning form about your session. Cost of Family Photographers

What should I wear to my session?

We strongly suggest everyone wear comfortable clothing that they’re used to. No brand new outfits without test runs at your session. If you’re uncomfortable it’s going to show in your photos. Worse, a little one with a scratchy tag or pants that don’t sit just right won’t cooperate at all. That’s why it’s best to choose outfits everyone feels happy in. Also, talk to your photographer about your shoot surroundings. You don’t want to blend in or clash with your location. 

Where will we take our photos?

Because of the frequent closures and constantly changing restrictions during the pandemic we are offering 2 types of shoots. Satellite Locations in which the client selects a sight in the surrounding area such as a park or public area and Homestead where our photographers bring a mobile studio to your home. Cost of Family Photographers

What if the weather or my kids don’t cooperate?

We understand that it’s hard to control the weather and even harder to control little ones. If the weather is working against us or your little ones are having a rough day we’ll happily reschedule your time for the next time slot that we’re available. Life throws us surprises so we do try to be understanding and flexible. However, our Scheduling Coordinator will talk with you about what times of day are best for your children. 

Will I know who’s taking my photos?

When you book with us our Scheduling Coordinator will check our employees schedules and pair you with a photographer that they feel will best meet your needs. Each of our team members has their unique strengths they bring to us. We also want to be assured that their personality will work well with yours. You’ll be told who’s taking your photos and in most cases your photographer will send you an email to introduce themselves a week before your session. 

What happens after my session?

After your session is complete our photographer will hand your images over to our In House Editor. The editor will go through your planning forms, check out your Mood Board (part of our planning process), and talk to the photographer about your shoot. They’ll then edit your images. After that, your images are uploaded onto an online gallery with a connected storefront. You can browse your collection and decide which images you like best. You’ll recieve any you choose as part of your package and then be able to order any others from the online store. Cost of Family Photographers

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